Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Today is Christmas and I just wanted to wish you all an amazing time with the people you love.
Hope you all get to eat some delicious food and receive and give lots of gifts. But lets not forget what really matters, the little things :)

This is my first christmas living in Florida with my new family that I love so so so so much! I’m beyond happy that Justin is off from the Fire Department for the whole week.
You may not know, but firefighters work 24-hour shifts and are off for 48 hours and they get one whole week off every three weeks and they still get paid. It’s great! I love that I have him all this week. It feels like we are on vacation.
Winter in Florida is awesome. I can’t get enough of the good weather. We actually have been going to the beach a lot this week, it feels surreal to me. A W E S O M E N E S S !!
I remember when I first moved to NY – The Bronx to be more precise – back in 2003. It felt incredible weird to spend christmas, nye and my birthday in the snowy winter instead of going to the beaches of Brazil. It’s summer during this time of the year there. I thought I would never get used to it and when I got used to it I moved to FL where is summer all year around. I have to confess that as much as I love it and don’t miss the winter at all, it feels weird. Ha! It fascinates me the ability we, human beings have to adapt to anything. It might take a while but we always do. And because I know that I’m always up to new adventures like moving to another country or state – going to the unknown and just follow my heart. Wow, I’m inspired today.
I miss my parents and brother thou. It’s the first christmas we are spending apart but for good reasons and we will definitely facetime sometime today so it’s all good.

Anyways people, Cheers to an awesome Christmas!!!


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