Kirk Family / Maternity Session / Key Biscayne Park, FL

Loren graduated from Yoga teacher Training with me and I remember when she told me that John and her were going to go for the third baby. Not even a month later she announced that she was pregnant. I got to watch her flat belly grow into a giant bump :) the prettiest bump I have ever seen. Her yoga practice became even more beautiful with the baby growing inside of her. I love that I was able to photograph this beautiful family three times and document the whole process. I can’t wait to see baby boy Jett arrive so me and Loren can go get a tattoo together :) I gotta say Loren is a hard core mom and so inspiring. It’s beautiful to see moms that continue to take care of themselves, pursuit their dreams and also stay true to their own individual core while raising kids and being pregnant again.
I can see it’s not easy to do it all, but Loren with her amazing hubby John by her side is for sure is killing it! She’s also an awesome yoga instructor.
This is one of my all time favorites maternity sessions. Key Biscayne Park is also so gorgeous, totally worth the drive.
Cheers to the Kirk Family!!

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