Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bianca Valentim Photography

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I wanted to say a BIG THANKS to all of you my blog readers, clients, friends and family – for all your support!! For cheering, praying and rooting for our unconventional family to strive, for our business to grow and just for being there for us!!

THANK YOU!!! I appreciate each one of you!!

This year has been really big for Bianca Valentim Photography and we are growing in South Florida and evolving and this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t’ for God’s blessings of course and also for you, so THANK YOU again!!

I’m thankful for so much,

  • for my beautiful family
  • for my dear husband who is my best friend and the best thing ever!!
  • for our health
  • protection (three car accidents in 6 months and we are all fine – our insurance premium not so much :)
  • for our home close to the beach
  • yes, for having the ocean right there whenever I need
  • for my growing business
  • for yoga and green juice (and french fries)
  • for my dogs that keeps me company while I edit pictures
  • for my friends

The list goes on and on. There’s so much to be thankful for!!

Hope you all have an AWESOME Thanksgiving and that you get to enjoy your loved ones!!


(Pictures from our family trip to NYC last month)

Bianca-Valentim-Photography-_0321Bianca Valentim PhotographyBianca Valentim Photography

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