December Goals

Hello people! Oh wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s the last month of 2013 already. I kinda don’t want to let 2013 go just yet so I need to make the most of this month to make sure I close this year with a golden key. My plan is to enjoy every single minute. Focus on my amazing husband and family, cook new recipes, put up our christmas tree and enjoy the holidays. I also want to make sure I finish all the editing and albums of 2013 and mail my clients everything before christmas. I have to say it’s been a little weird to be spending the holiday season in such a warm weather – not complaining, it’s just weird after 10 years spending thanksgiving, christmas and new years in the snow. I never I thought I would say this, but I miss the snow a little, just a little tiny bit but at the same time I loooove the Florida weather, now it’s not as humid and it feels so good to be out.

Before I go on with my goals I just want to talk about a little bit of November which was an amazing month. I was able to follow up with all my goals and not get overwhelmed. Spending thanksgiving with my new family for the first time was fun and we made good memories. I made my favorite dessert and Janiah helped me, we also baked a cake. I cooked strogonoff for them. I taught Janiah how to roller blade and run on the treadmill for the very first time. Me and Justin went out to Miami and he tried some brazilian drinks and pizza (frango com catupiry), yummy. We went to the movies and we remodeled the boys bedroom. It was a very eventful month and I loved every minute.

Now on to my December goals:

• finish all 2013 sessions and weddings
• gym membership / take my workouts to another level
• bake Brazilian style carrot cake
• celebrate Janiah’s birthday
• start remodeling our bedroom
• be present and enjoy life to the fullest

Have a great holiday season everyone!!!

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