Brasil Brasil

After a very long wait, the time has come. It’s time to go back home for a little while. See my family, my friends and where I grew up. The excitement is huge it’s hard to sleep at night. By the end of this week I will be arriving in São Paulo, Brasil where I’m guessing a quite large group of friends and family will be there waiting for me and my parents. It’s surreal. For the whole month of April I will be in SP enjoying my loved ones and shooting a lot. I have a few personal projects that I want to work on when I’m there and I’m also shooting a few sessions. I’m grateful for this awesome opportunity but there is one bad part about all of that. My sexy-hot husband is not coming with me and I’m terrified of being away from him for so long. I’m going to miss him so much it hurts already. Not cool at all. It’s his first year as a firefighter so he can’t take off yet. I’m also freaking out about leaving the kids and the dogs for so long. Oh the dogs. I know the kids will be fine, they are always so busy. But the dogs… oh poor things. That’s the only downside of having dogs. Traveling sucks for them. Anyways, it will be fine. I know it will. I’m just nervous, it’s been so long. Ahhhhh, so many mixed feelings! I’m excited! Ha! … and just to really clarify. No, I’m not moving back to Brasil. I will be there only for a month. My new home is here in Florida with my beautiful family.

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Brasil, here I come!!!!

Até daqui a pouco pessoal!


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