Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bianca Valentim-Thomas is a self taught visual artist. She started pursuing her photography career when she moved to New York in 2003, where she began taking numerous photography classes at the best art schools in NYC. Both her father and grandfather were wedding photographers and they taught her the basics. As a kid, her father owned a series of magazine stores, where she worked. It was then that she learned about fashion and her love for magazines and newspapers began. She strives to use her photography to make her clients feel beautiful, special and good about themselves while capturing their unique personality. Bianca is a mom to two beautiful girls. A yogi, swimmer and runner who is always working in finding a balance between eating french fries and green juicing. She currents lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her much beloved family and two dogs.



Married to a firefighter

Mother to Joy Luci
(read our home birth story HERE)

Step-mom of 3 awesome kids – one in college already (West Point Military Academy)

I jumped out of a plane once and would do it again and again

I builded my own dinning room table. It seats 10

I make a delicious Brazilian carrot cake

Nature lover

Yogi. Runner. Swimmer.

I ran the NYC Marathon on 2013. My first and last marathon

Morning person

Tea enthusiast

Can’t handle coffee

Chocolate lover

Days off means: Beach bum

On my vision board: traveling to India, Iceland, Italy and New Zealand

Yes to thunderstorms, the louder the better

Love to dance – I know how to samba

Music: Bob Marley, Scott Mckenzie, Beatles, Bee Gees, Eddie Vedder, Cold Play and Erika Badhu

My favorite movie is ‘Forest Gump’ and I’m obsessed with the soundtrack

Perfect day: wake up at 6am; meditate/run with the dogs/yoga; drink green juice; eat a big brunch with french toast, eggs, potatoes and mimosas; walk around a hippie neighborhood, go to the beach with my family and feel the sun on my face; read a good book; light candles; watch a movie eating shepherd’s pie prepared by the best chef – my husband; go to bed at 10pm.

Looking forward to connecting with you all and making new friends!

Thank you so much for stopping by.





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