305 YOGA Photoshoot / 1

You may already know how crazy I’m about yoga and how it changed my life!!
This is one of the 4 commercial shoots I did for 305 Yoga. I love shooting yogis. It’s so intense and real. Every second counts to get the pose but the pose doesn’t really matter. What matters is to express yourself and be gentle with you during the process. It’s a beautiful journey that I’m grateful to capture with my camera. 305 Yoga is the studio I took my yoga teacher training and these are one of the most amazing souls that I have ever met. Claire Santos and Terri Cooper were the teachers for our training and there is not enough words to express how much love and admiration I feel for them. I will be forever grateful for all the love and life lessons they taught all of us. If you are in Miami go check out the studio and make sure you take a class with at least one of these beauties. It will change everything. So much light and peace!!
Cheers to the 305 Yoga Team.

“May I KNOW the TRUTH. May I SEE the TRUTH. May SPEAK the TRUTH. May I FEEL the TRUTH.”

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