2014 Goals + January Goals

Happy 2014 everyone!!!!!

I’m so excited for this year. I’m always excited about every beginning of the year. I just looove starting over and also the month of January because it’s my birthday month. This year I turn 30. Ouch!!

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed yesterday and partied a lot. I sure did.
Yesterday I blogged about my goal setting for this year. I shared my accomplishments of 2013 as well my failures.
After the whole process my vision for this year is clear and I can now go on with my goals for 2014. Here we go.


2014 GOALS

– will this goal help my 2014 vision?
– does this goal also help others?
– what would i spend time on this goal?
– does this goal help build God’s kingdom?



to have a deeper connection with God. pray and read the bible more. seek God’s guidance, peace and wisdom. doing that will help me be more more in tune with myself and my feelings. it will give a deeper sense of balance and clarity so i can be a better version of myself. be a better person, wife, step-mom and business woman. i want to be a light to everyone around me. i want to truly trust God and let Him guide me and believe that he will make me capable and that he will give me strength and patience and the right tools to go through whatever He has in store for me. always forgive. i want to be used by Him at all times.



to have a healthy conscious relationship where love, friendship and abundance flows in equal measures. i want to be the best wife i can be. i want to support his dreams and ambitions. keep an open line of communication and be best friends. pray and worship together. grow spiritually and financially together. have a date night every week and enjoy life to the fullest. go crazy and spontaneous together. laugh. i also want to connect in a deeper level with my family and friends and really create a trust circle where there is no judgement, jealously, criticism, gossip or expectations. i want to be the best friend, sister and daughter i can be. also surround myself with likeminded people that only wants the best for each other so we can always find support in each other and be our best and serve God and our community.



to become physically strong so i can feel my best, in balance and have more energy in order to do good to those around me. when i feel physically strong and healthy i’m a better person in all other areas and everything feels right.



i want to be humble and learn more this year. i want to give myself permission to be imperfect. be more disciplined. learn how to really accept myself just the way i am and not compare myself to others. be more focused in what really matters. simplify my life. have always a schedule and a game plan. be creative. not judge. be curious. listen more and talk less. all of that is part of really being truth to myself and being open to the unexpected. doing all of that will help me feel fulfilled and free to be who i am so i can feel more comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and help others be their best. keep writing on my journal openly and regularly so i can be more aware of what’s going on inside my head so i can have more clarity – this will also help free my mind so i can create more art and just be creative in general. this is bread to my soul.



manage my money and time better. create a budget and stick with it. save more money. this will help me be truth to my vision so i can always have more than enough to share. spend wisely and with purpose. live a simple life with less and appreciating more the small things.



work hard and focus on my business. expand and make it more profitable in order to keep doing what i love and bringing color and light to my clients life. this will help me pursuit my purpose which is making people feel special and good about themselves. build them up and bring them close the best that they can be. i want my clients to have a deeper and more meaningful experience with our brand. refine our vision, purpose and keeping growing. also i want (and need) to get more clients in South Florida so i don’t have to travel so much (although i love to travel it’s also good to have local clients). i want to take more classes and workshops. get more creative and always create something new and interesting. i also want to use my business to bring light and peace to this world and be an inspiration to others not because of me but just to inspire others to be truth to themselves and be creative to their own core and take care of themselves. i want to start drawing and painting to get creatively inspired and incorporate that into my photography style. be more effective with social media. market more.


There it is. Now at the beginning of every month I will post my monthly goals. My monthly goals will be more practical. Small action steps that makes my vision for 2014 real and reflect my goals for the year. Before creating the monthly goals I will always take a look at these goals above to make sure I’m in the right path. So here are my small goals for this month:

– celebrate my 30th birthday in style
– workout 4-5 times a week
– don’t eat more than 200 calories after 7pm on week days
– green juice 3 times a week or more
– go to Calvary church
– one guitar lesson
– finish redecorating our bedroom
– party a little less :)
– take action on things we learn at Financial Peace University
– be present and enjoy life to the fullest

Feel free to share your goals or just say hello at the comment box. Comments makes me smile so don’t be a stranger.

Cheers to a new year full of promises!!

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